Roland adds faster and bigger UV flatbed for personalised items

پرینتر فلت بد یووی رولند

Roland’s new UV flatbed printer has been designed to produce personalised products

Roland DG has launched the VersaUV LEF2-300 benchtop UV flatbed printer across the EMEA region.

The latest model in the LEF2 series, the LEF2-300 has a 770 x 330 x 100mm high print area, four printheads and two UV lamps. Roland says it can achieve the same print quality as the recently launched LEF2-200, whilst delivering one and a half times the print area and printing speed.

The company is marketing the printer as ideal for creating personalised products as it prints onto ‘virtually any surface and a huge variety of off-the-shelf products.’ Typical applications vary from customised promotional goods, souvenirs, stationery, electronics, awards, signs, packaging, industrial items and prototypes.

The LEF2-300’s low-heat UV-LED lamps cure ink onto the surface of the media, allowing photos, graphics and fine text to be printed onto a range of hard and soft materials including PVC, plastics, canvas, wood, leather and fabric. Clear ink can also be used to produce gloss and matt finishes which can be applied in multiple layers for an embossed look and lifelike textures.

‘As everyone’s lifestyles and preferences become increasingly varied, the demand for making one-of-a-kind items or high-mix, small-batch runs continues to grow,’ said Kohei Tanabe, president of Roland’s Digital Printing Business Division. ‘The LEF2 series is designed to meet such demand as it is capable of on-demand printing quickly onto a diverse range of materials. The addition of the LEF2-300 to the series line-up gives even more customers the ability to print amazing graphics and lifelike textures. We aim to develop more products that encourage customer creativity in order to boost business growth.’

News Source : Roland adds faster and bigger UV flatbed for personalised items

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